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Monday, November 23, 2009

things that are dumb

So it turns out that men's suit jackets that have 3 buttons, you're not supposed to button the bottom button. Then why have a bottom button? This makes no sense, to me.

While i am talking about men's fashion, how about ties, ties are stupid, unless you use them as bibs then they're functional if not professional. To sum up in jerry's view, ties worn as they're supposed to be are stupid, ties used to prevent you from soiling your work shirt with the extra kraut you got on your lunch ruben are funtional.

Also stupid is the way in which people tie ties. I know the over hand knot, the one most people use and the one looks the worst if you ask me. so if you're wearing your tie as a fashion piece, you shouldn't use this one, yet most folks do. If you tie it, it isn't symetrical, it is lopsided.

The 1/2 widsor, which is the way i usually tie them. Unless the tie is extra long and i need to use up some more tie in the knot then you go full windsor. I like the way both of them looks, so if your going to be wearing ties with the 1/2 or full widsor, with your third button unbuttoned, and wing tips, you might fit in with accounant types. Man i hate those people.

Monday, November 16, 2009

how cold is it

Well this morning it was so cold when I spied my wives somewhat less than manly gloves in the car, I instanlty thought, those look warm.

I didn't think those are women's gloves.
I didn't think those do not go with my coat.
I didn't think I'll be okay without, I thought, Those look warm and i put them on.

It was only later, when my hands were all toasty, that I thought, I should have worn the black coat that would have gone much better with the gloves :-D