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Sunday, October 31, 2010

things that i think suck

This is my list of things that suck for today, which is not really a day as it is 3:25am, but nevermind that.
  • It sucks when your wife and daughter have to go on a trip for 2 weeks, i miss them and the i can't really watch the real housewives of anywhere if they're not here, they provide the perfect cover for my guilty, trashy womanly fun tv watching. 
  • Second, political ads.  I think i would vote for someone who just came out and said, I know the other guy running is a good guy, we disagree, but i don't think he wanted to give viagara to sex offenders or something like that.
  • gout - i had a bout of gout once, a long time ago, and i think i have another, i was on webmd, mostly cause it is the middle of the night and my ankle hurts so bad i can't even consider sleeping.
  • i do not have gout, what ever is wrong with my ankle sucks.  i literally hurts to have a sock on, or anything touching it.
  • bubble baths suck.  i thought i would try one, since i've been up since 11.  This is my review, right about the time i was getting comfortable, the bath cooled off and i had to get out all cold, which induced shivers.  shivering while whincing makes me, both a sissy, and whinny.
It has been a while since i posted, i now work for the federal government, and thought i should avoid posting my political thoughts, and given the season everytime i came here it turned that way, bear with me as i adjust to being the man.