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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

best days

Abby posted a post about what one of her best days.  Which was based on her polygraph experiance.  Well, I've never had a polygraph, or a paternaty test, or( I don't think I've ever even had) a drug test. 

I've taken, or at least participated in pregnancy test taking.  I remember twice, one negative and, one postive.  Strangely enough both tests, years apart rank up there as pretty good days :-D. 

But that is the easy answer, the day the kid was born, the day I got married, the cliche best days, while those are the best days, I am thinking of best days that are best and unique to me.

Here it goes, this is really kinda boring and not very exciting, but when i was say 23 or so, i was invited to a wedding for some people i didn't know by a girl.  In hind sight, i should have realized that maybe this was a sign she was interested in me as more than just a friend, but me not being a playa didn't make that connection til about a verb clause ago.

But nevermind that, I do not remember the people names.  I don't remember where they were from, I don't know anything about them other than they were young and mormon.  Being mormon (broad generalization ahead).  They got married really young and without the luxery of a huge wedding budget.  They got married in the Temple, and the reception was at a local church.

Anyway, the people had some "friends" volunteer to help with the wedding.  Tracking gifts, coats, and serving snacks and that sorta thing.  Well, these friends didn't show up.  We were one of the first guests to arrive and I didn't know anyone, so I say to the I think father of the bride who was all in a panic that I would help in the kitchen putting the cheese and crackers together and doing the sorta coat check, gift table thing 

I did that for almost 5 hours.  With people that came and went, and at the end of it.  I was getting ready to leave and the couple whom I still hadn't met came up to me and this girl, whom like abby, I will call Emily becuase that was her name.  Anyway they come up to Emily and I, and give me one of the most heartfelt thank yous I have ever gotten.  The bride actually started crying and told me something like, God must have blessed us to have you guys here, you completely saved my reception from disaster.

This is likely an overstatement.  I am sure someone else who actually knew the couple would have stepped up, but well, I did it.  Mostly alone as the girl mingled with her friends.  So I am Jerry saver of weddings and accountant.

That isn't a great experiance, or a huge memorable day, but i just remember the warmth and gratitude they shared with me for helping them.  That was awesome, I wonder if they're still married and remember me.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Chubby McTubikins

I am out of shape and well just plain fat.  If I had an alias it would be Chubby McTubikins.  With that being said, previously I had stated my goal of doing a marathon when I was 40.  I need to find one to do.

It turns out this is kinda a long term goal as I wont be 40 for 14 months, so i have between 14 and 26 months to prepare for this.

I think I will start with just getting into better shape and running a 5k.  Which is 1/8 or so of a marathon :-).

so with that I am picking my 5k today.  I am going to run a marathon in summer of 2013.

I need to get busy!!!