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Thursday, January 26, 2012

long foresaken blog

Well, here it is this is my blog update, It turns out i have had a lot of thoughts the past 2 months, yet didn't find the time to post about them.

It turns out, that 2 may be terrible but nearly 3 are time consuming, early Saturday we have ballet class, then less early Saturday we have gymnastics, followed by countless reading of some well know children's books, and a unbelievable number of viewings of some of Disney's, Pixars, and Dreamworks finest productions.

This is a story from the other day, and please refrain from commenting on both my teaching my daughter poor nutritional habits and improper verb agreement.

So we are driving home from work/preschool and we get a call from mom, who tells us that she is stuck at work we should pick something up.  So we're driving down the road, and I say how a cheeseburger and she say no, and then i say how about some KFC, and she says no.  and then I say how about a Quesadilla from Chipoltle, and she says no.

Where nearing the end of this particular streets choices, no the next one is a noodles and company.  So i say how about some Mac and Cheese? Thats sounds pretty good don't it?  And she replies with "A Mac and Cheese Donut! That sounds pretty good"  So we got that, she was disappointed by the lack of donut, but she ate it.

I don't want to create one of those blogs that chronicles my child, but it turns out my daughter is the focus of my life right now, so i could talk about my guitar lessons or ski trips, work frustrations, or the overwhelming sadness that is trying to break free, but She makes me smile so i talk about that.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

holy cow

I've not posted in a shade over too months, i am not sure how that even happens.

I need to post, I'll write a story and post tommorrow.