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Friday, February 27, 2009

Phish pish. WTF?

I enjoy me some jam band music more them most of your average non weed smokin' CPA types. I suppose I like jam band music more than your average regular folk to, but nevermind that. I mean my favorite band is Widespread Panic, I love me some moe., Dave Matthews Band, The Greatful Dead, the Almond Brothers, String Cheese Incident, Galactic. I think I get some jam band credit for simply knowing some of these bands, but like I said, I likes me some jam bands.

I even likes me some Phish food.

After all who doesn't.

Here is a clip of the band playing a song.

Over at Wikipedia this is the first paragraph says

"Phish is an American band noted for their musical improvisation, extended jam sessions, exploration of music between genres, and their "fiercely loyal fans."[1] Formed at the University of Vermont in 1983, the band's four members performed together for over 20 years until their hiatus in August 2004. The band has recently announced they would reunite for a tour in 2009 starting with three shows at the Hampton Coliseum in Hampton, Virginia."

So these shows are sold out, see the aforementioned fiercely loyal fans.

But if you happen to be in Viginia this weekend you can find your way over to stubhub were tickets are available (sorta).

I don't know how to copy the web page and put it in here.

GA GA 2 $1,260.50 each
GA GA 1 $2,250.00 each
GA GA 4 $2,300.00 each
GA GA Up to 4 $2,900.00 each
GA GA Up to 3 $2,995.00 each
GA GA 1 $4,000.00 each
GA GA Up to 4 $4,595.00 each
3 DAY Pass *** GA - Hard tix Up to 2 $4,992.00 each
GA GA Up to 2 $5,000.00 each View Details
GA GA 1 $9,949.00 each View Details
GA GA 1 $9,998.00 each View Details
ga ga 1 $9,999.00 each View Details
GA GA Up to 8 $10,999.00 each View Details

I think they're serious. This is what Jerry knows.

I am not goign to pay 1260.50 to go to a concert by myself.
I am not going to pay 2,521 to go to a Phish concert with anyone.

Not that I don't like Phish, but I wouldn't pay 2.5k to see the beatles and that would involve resurections.

Monday, February 23, 2009


So beej's blog inspired me to tell my tale of shoplifting foolishness.

So I am working at Garts back in the summer of '69. Well not that far back but I don't know a song called a summer of the mid nineties sometime. Anyway, during our lunch breaks a few of us the guy from athletics, the shipping guy and another guy from footwear used to watch for shoplifters while we at lunch. It was right behind some one way glass. Is that what they call it when you can see out but they can't see in?

Anyway, a lot of people would come in most would find a clearance pair of shoes and simply put them on and walk out. Some would ask to try on a pair, get a box, put their old shoes in the box, carry it around the store some leave the box like in fishing and walk out. We would find someone pretty regular like, I think about once every 2 weeks.

Anyway, this one day, this guy gets a pair of the I think Jordan XV to try on. Could have been a different year but I think that is right. Anyway, he puts them on and starts to go over to the weights, so we follow him (behind the wall.) Anyway, he tries to get out of the store. Dude has his girlfriend is waiting in the car in the getaway car. (Ironically, parked in the bank next door's atm lane). so they were on the banks security camera). So the guy i work with named, I think Nate, An exhigh school football star who thought he was THE MAN, asks him to stop at the double doors.

The guy shove Nate to the ground and starts running, we typically didn't chase the guys, in fact we were told not to by store management. Anyway, Nate being THE MAN got mad and started chasing him, so the guys runs to the awaiting girlfriend. Who now must drive back towards us to exit. So Nate stands in front of the car. Luckily for the Nate she swerves into the parking lot lamp post. Knocking it clean over. While she is at it she damages 4 or 5 cars as having a 30 foot light pole fall will do. Un deterred she backs up and leaves the parking lot.

So the police come and ask what was the plate, they had one of those stupid vanity front UTAH JAZZ plate things so we didn't get it, but the bank people come out and tell us they have it on security camera. The police got to the house it is registered to before she did. Awesomely, it was her parents car and her parents house.

There is a moral to this story. IF you're going to instigate a crime spree, don't get your 16 year old girl friend who doesn't have a car to being your drive man. She's going to turn on you quick like.

I wonder though, is that guy in prison? Is that girl in an abusive relationship with another stupid guy?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Buy Japanese or Korean

I bought me a new car last year, or 2 years ago. I bought a Jeep. Which at the time was owned by some Germans but they've since scrapped the project as a giant cluster fuck, cut their losses and ran.

So there is nothing wrong with my car. It was afforadable, it has run good, nothing has broken yet.

However, The last 3 months when I've gotten online to pay my payment, the website has been down. Only it doesn't say it is down, it just wont let you log in. That is the problem.

SO I log in it tells me my user name and password don't match, which is likely true, since I have like 3,000 of the things. So I click on the forgot password and it says what is your user name and last four of your social. Than it just takes you back to the same window.

I though maybe I don't know my user name, so i try a different one, this time i get a window that tells me that the information doesn't match, so I try the origianl way again, and same thing you click okay and the boxes empty but your at the same window, so I call Chyslter customer service.

I say, I can't log in, he says I apologize the website is down. I say I need to make my payment he says, that will be a $12 dollar charge to make it on the phone. I ask, your going to charge me $12.00 to make a payment on the phone, cause your website is down, and he apologizes and says yes.

To which I say, this is why I should have bought Japanese.

I used to support the bail out the auto companies, in part cuz, I would prefer to bail them out to the banks, but congress prefers to give the money to banks.

however, I have now decided that I am in favor of Chrysler just fading off into the sunset, I am fairly sure I will not by an other american car companies car for a very long time.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Do me a favor and before you read this go to this site and listen to this song while you read this, although, as i explain, the song is really long, so maybe just start it, cause I am not up to writing a post that takes 20 some minutes to read.

This weekend I heard a story on NPR's This American Life that was really really sad, but I wanted to know how it ended, so yesterday I listened to it on line.

Although, It was interesting, and since people who come here are often in Mississippi and Louianna, they may have even heard of the story, anyway, that episdoe was titled "The Ghost of Bobby Dunbar" Which if you have an hour and want to listen, It is a good listen, just not very warm and fuzzy.

Anyway, after I finished that I listed to the previous weeks episode. And came accross this one.

Numbers. This episode people try to apply numbers to things they've no business applying them too. In one segment they're discussing these guys Dave Soldier and Komar & Melamid

they decided to composs 2 songs apparently based on surveys of what people like in songs and what are peoples least favorite song elements. The most favorite song is rather bland and very similar sounding to a lot of pop songs. It really sounds like the compossers attened the loggins and messian Music school and attened all the classes taught by the captain ( I think tennille has since moved on maybe to a general).

The least favorite song, combined all the elements that people described as thier least favorite types or parts of songs, things like rap, opera, children choirs, slow tempos, tuba, bag pipes, accordians, slow tempos, holidays, more musical idea that any song should contain. It is like 25 minutes long, but it is Horriffically wonderful.

Speaking of Horriffically wonderful songs, I am not sure I can find one that tops this but Dyanamite Hack I think I'll add that one to my play list on the side.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Why do i have to think of everything

Okay maybe I don't' think of everything and I rarely know things like where I set my keys down. Occasionally I stumble upon an idea that is purely epiphanisitic (not sure that is a word but it is like epiphany but an adjective instead). The other day I had one of these

As is the custom in my life i was in the restroom. Not a public one by my own restroom, and I was plunging away with my plunger doing the one task that requires a plunger.
I got to thinking why in the name of all that is holy is the handle on the particular tool so short. I mean it was about 24 inches, this is foolishness. So I head to the home depot to get a plunger that doesn't require such intimacy with the offending toilet.

They don't have any with longer handles, which I discovered the reason for later, but I save that bit.

So I get a plunger and than go to the painting section and buy a wooden extension so you can paint the tops of your walls. Unscrew the plunger handle screw on the paint handle and Eureka I've a plunger with a 60 inch handle. With this plunger in my hand i can go abouts the business of vigorously plunging the commode without worrying about getting back splash on my hands or worse yet near my face.

This worked with the greatly desired result of free flowing water.

Now how every I have a plunger with a 5 foot handle and am struggling to determine where to store it.

This is my request for the plunger manufacturing companies of the world. I want a plunger with a telescoping handle that easily extends to 5 feet but can be stored under a bathroom sink.

Here is a tip, it should telescope from the top not the bottom, there shouldn't be any joints that must be submerged in nastiness. The joints should start at the top and go up.

Thank you for considering my ideas.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

get your geek on.

Last night I got 1/2 way through level 79 on World of Warcraft.