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Friday, July 31, 2009


Something just leave you speechless. I mean I was driving down the road today, and NPR had a story on the president of Syria visiting a four year old who was gang raped. So anyway, the piece was introduced and then they said first we'll speak with the girl's father, and then they gave the disclaimer that you might find some of what you hear disturbing.

I was thinking, shouldn't that have preceded even the introduction? and what is up with the might? What they should said is something more like, next we're going to talk about some sick and twisted shit, that at the very least should make feel sickened, and if what you're about to hear doesn't leave you sad, angry and a little frightened, you should immediately and pre-emotively register as a sex offender.

Anyway, I didn't listen to the story, because it was sickening, so i change to sports talk radio and then after a while I change back and they're talking about how some fisheries have recovered do to the protections placed on them, sometimes 2 decades ago.

I got to thinking how the hell do you segue from one story to the other. Was there a story in the middle i missed? Despite the fact I didn't listen to the story about the little girl, I am appalled by it.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

some businesses

So I move to Denver a while back, 5 years ago, to be exact, which in case you're wondering is the second longest consecutive streak of my life. I did live in the same town from fifth grade thru 10th grade, so i guess that means next year i will set the you've lived in Denver longer than anywhere else in a row anyway. I lived in the little town i am from for most of my first 23 years, but it was intermittently broken up with moves it Illinois, Salt Lake, and Montana.

Anyway, when I moved here, I tried to ride my road bike, but I was assalted by goat heads. I got the bike tuned up and they people at the bike shop told me you need new tires. It seemed like a good idea, so I get new tires. I ride the bike, and I couldn't go more than 10 miles without a flat. I got mr. tuffies and put in there, I got thorn reistent tubes and put in there, and still the goat head prevailed.

So I go to a different bike shop, mostly cause I won a free water bottle from them durning the Trek, get your wow promotion. Hoopla, so I am talking to the guy and he says, they should have sold you thorn resistent tires, what did they sell you. So go to my bike and look and go back and tell him. It turns out those people sold me racing tires. That are about as thorn resistent as my behind. Which despite all the sitting i do, is not all that thorn resistent.

So I ask him what to get and he tells me if you buy these, or these, you will not get a flat! and they where cheaper than the tires the other people sold me. Anyway, this particular store that was very helpful was treads. The salesman told me they had been on the same corner for 30 years. Different sides of the corner, but the same corner. The place that sold me the very inappropriate tires, has gone out of business. I wonder why that was.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Visitor

So i was looking for a movie to watch today, and I came accross the Visitor. I remember the people on NPR reviewing so I gave it a watch. Also if your looking to watch this movies again stop reading, but on the other hand I may save you a few hours if you continue on.

So here is the movie summed up. Dude is depressed becuase his wife has passed away, he can't find meaning in his life, he ends up going back to new york where he has an apartment he hasn't used in years. Someone has rented this apartment to a couple. They volunteer to leave, but dude feels bad so he lets them stay while they try to figure things out. So the dude renting the apartment is from Syria i think, and plays the drums, he is teaching the old sad dude to play the drum.

Anyway, they're going through the subway and dude get hung up with his drum in the turn style and the transit police think he jumped so they arrest him. Anyway, he gets arrested sent to immigration and is deported, he is seperated from his girlfriend and sent back to syria where his father died from a sickness he recieved while in prision for an article he wrote.

End of movie.

WTF, i want a happy ending, if i wanted a sad ending, I would watch the news.

Monday, July 20, 2009

WTF, whose idea was this

So i am at work and the copier is out of paper, tray 1 of the copier, not the main tray but the other tray tray one, but for some reason, when I print from .pdf it prints from tray one. Anyway, so the tray is empty so i open a ream of paper and go to load it and the stupid tray only accepts like 3/4 of a ream of paper. What the hell is that. Why would they make a tray that doesn't hold the hold ream?

It is a korean i think copier, does paper in not the USA come in smaller packages? Like liters of petro, or celcius. I've never heard of such a thing with paper. If that is not the case, who the hell decided to make a copier that holds less than a ream of paper.

Anyway, that is all i got.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

United Breaks Guitars

This is a pretty funny video some guy made about his experince with United.

Remember Pan AM, Eastern, TWA and a bunch of other airlines? I am sure United is headed that way, with any luck it wont be much longer!!

Anyway, I guess from fearing the bad viral video effet, United has posted this on their twitter page "This has struck a chord w/ us and we've contacted him directly to make it right." United Tweets? Anyway are they trying to be funny by saying that a song about them breaking a guitar strikes a chord with them? Haven't they already displayed enough malice toward chords?

personal stuff

So a couple weeks ago, I climbed on my bathroom scale, and in what I am sure is commentary on my condition, the acesnt took my breathe away. Or perhaps it was becuase it said 194.5 which is near of may infact be an all time high. I got to thinking, WTF!! I might have vocalized this thought, but the aforemention breathless state I found myself in prevented it.

Anyway, as it turns out as sore as your lower back get the all day baby lift is not a good work out. Or perhaps it isn't a good workout becuase you can have a baby in one arm and a turkey leg in the other arms hand. Well, if i was eating turkey legs that might have been okay, but you can also have a spoon full of fruit loops and other cereals that have more sugar than anything.

Anyway, since then I've been trying to follow the weight watchers plan, which is for me 24 points a day, while I don't pay them, and don't get the support of the meetings, this morning I climbed up on the scale and it said 185.5. Hoopla, now, If i can just get back to adding some exercise to the attempted diet this would be great!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I was watching me some of the movie "Taken." You know the one where in the preview the guys daughter gets kid napped and he threatens them. It is a pretty good action flick but it left me with an icky feeling all over. Anyway, if you want to watch this movie you should likely stop reading, unless you feel my very thoughtful, if not grammatically correct, commentary is helpful in your movies assessment process.

Anyway, this part isn't the spoiler, he kills all the bad guys and get his daughter back. I mean what kinda of crappy action movie would it be if he didn't? No, what they don't tell you in the preview is she is kidnapped not for ransom, but to be sold into sex trade. So throughout the movies he is mingling with girls that are kidnapped, then forced to get hooked on drugs and then made to be prostitutes. He rescues one of the other girls and like I said, he kills the bad guys, but what about all the other girls? It was just sad, despite the happy ending I felt like this is just sad.

Anyway, as far as a thoughtless action flick goes I would say it was very good, however, if you ruin the experience by thinking about it, the entertainment it provides is far out weighted by the ickyness you are awashed with after viewing it.

Monday, July 6, 2009

billy mays' non successor

I am not sure when the slap chop commercial was first released but I saw it a day or 2 after Billy Mays passed away. The sham-wow guy who has been telling me for 3 years we can't do this all day has a new product to pedal.

This guy is no Billy Mays as Billy actually tempted me to buy the product, but this guy is funny.

While he is trying to promote the product he says “Linguine, fettucine, martini, bikini!" What is that supposed to mean? Do i need to dice up swimwear and mix a drink? Do I want to do that at the same time.

At some point he claims to have the cure for a boring life by making tuna less boring. Is tuna a sign of a boring life? Or is it more of a sign of a boring life that you want to make your life less borning by adding steps to a tuna sandwhich. I mean if my life wasn't boring I presume I wouldn't have time to slap chop me a helping of tuna.

I wont even discuss the nuts part, I know he is trying to be funny, but if your trying to sell me something don't make me think that is just wrong.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I still don't get it

So I turn on CNN headline news today and they're talking about Michael Jacksons will that cut his EX-wife out. I am not understanding what ex wife means, I would seem he cut her out when he got divorced, isn't that what a divorce is?

Maybe I don't understand the concept all that well, and well, I have no first hand knowledge of it, nor do i want any. People don't typically leave their ex spouses stuff do they.

This is not news, news would be if he left her something. This is crazy over coverage again.