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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

stupid people

This post is my response to the news and is basically calling everyone in the world, who is not me, or who disagrees with me stupid, but never mind that.

  • First group of people I would like to call stupid.  Are the people who want to build a mosque near ground zero.  While building the community center they're doing so under the guise of community out reach this is just stupid.
  • The people who are protesting the people building a mosque near ground zero.  Part of being free is the freedom to be stupid.  It might be a bad decision to build a mosque there, but if they bought the land shouldn't they be allowed to do with their land anything I can do with mine.  Side note, I don't have any, but if i did, i could put a church on it.  Also Manhattan is an island, the community center isn't actually at ground zero, but a couple blocks away.  If you grant that people have the right to build places of worship, how close is too close?  Are they allowed to build on the south end of the island?  How far is far enough from ground zero to be okay?
  • Burning the Koran church.  I am not arguing that they don't have the right to do so, but again, part of being free is the freedom to be stupid.   What are they hoping to accomplish by burning the books?  Secondly when has the side that is burning books ever been the right side?  How Christian is to take an action intended offend and hurt people, possibly inciting riots that will result in people getting killed?  
  • People who riot because someone offends them.  Here is my tip for you, by you i mean everyone.  Relax.  No matter what group you belong too, or how strongly you believe something most of the world disagrees with you. If you're going to riot and kill people, it is likely going to being only pain and suffering to your community.  (ie the folks that rioted over the dutch cartoonist drawing Mohamed, it was Muslims that died.)
  • 2 years ago the DEMS won everything, or nearly everything, now they are set to lose everything.  Do people just vote for who ever in not in office. If you are looking for the government to solve your problems, well that is just plain stupid.  If you voted for Dems or the GOP 2 or 4 years ago. Why switch, unless you really dislike a particular candidate.  I mean if you voted for Harry Reid, and no think he is slimy that makes sense.  If you voted for Obama, and don't like what he has done, are you just not paying attention, what has he done or not done that he said he would do?  Dude can not make laws, he can only suggest them and help craft them in committee, that is all he can do.
  • Anyone who is still reading this, dont' you have something better to be doing, like playing with your dog? 
  • , you should go get one.
I was driving into work this morning, and the talk radio was all abuzz with chit chat from the crazy people that call talk shows, getting all riled up about the mosque and the Koran.  Here is my take on it, if you think the people should be allowed to burn the Koran, then it would make sense that you should think that people should be able to build a Mosque.  Either you support freedom or you don't, you can't support freedom only for folks that agree with you.

In case you're wondering what i think, I don't think either group should do what they're planning to do, but I don't think third parties should be allowed to stop them either.  I also don't think building a community center is equivalent to burning a holy book.  One is an action that is misplaced; one is an action that has no place.