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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

diet and exercise

I had fallen off the exercise band wagon, and considering I knocked off a 1/2 a package of Halloween Oreos on Sunday, I am pretty sure, I am already over my recommended weekly caloric intake and thus shot my diet all to hell. The good thing about eating better and exercising is you can start over every day. You just need the motivation to do so.

Well here you go.

I was willing to pass off my bulging mid stomach area bulge as not bigger only swollen. However, I find myself typing this in a brand spanking new part of Merona dress slacks from Target has lead me to look up the times for spin class at 24 hour fitness.

You are probably wondering why someone would do that. I mean who gets dress pants at target. I mean besides me as I am sitting here in a pair.

Also I didn't come to work in these pants. It seems that sometime between my putting my pants on and my ass bursting out of my pants, that either my pants got smaller or my ass got bigger. Thus my postierer, no longer confined by the pants, let out a gibsonian (As in mel as in Braveheart) cry of freedom. Or it could have been the stiching on my pants ripping, but it sure sounded like FREEDOM to me.

Off to Spin again.

internet voting

So I am on the internet right now and i see and ad from Obama on the side bar that says. Vote Early, Vote Obama.

I can't help but thinking, in part cause dude is from chicago. That the slogan should be

Vote Early, Vote Often.

I don't suppose that would go over very well.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

undecided voters?

Who are these undecided voters?

So over at which is some what missleadingly named they have a poll.

This pool has Obama at 49.3%, McCain at 40%, Nadar 3%, and Barr at 1.5% Totaling 93.8% meaning 6.2% of the people surveyed undecided. This confuses me, who are these undecided voters?

And what do they expect to learn in the next week. Seriously, all that is on my tv is negative ads. If you believe anything from a negative attack ad, well you should be kicked in the head.

This is how elections go, you start off saying we'll take the high road and than, not. The closer the election the uglier it gets.

As I want to take the high road and this is a new blog, I am going to start off by saying that this is the best blog ever all those other blogs leave a lot to be desired.


Does anyone that comes here have problems viewing this page or is it just me that can't view me?

The page loads than it goes to a search page a few seconds later.

What the hell is that?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

new blog

Thanks for finding me over here.

This blog is a work in progress as I just started it a few minutes ago. I've decided that I should spend sometime getting the colors the way i want. I was shooting for cloudy grey blue not a pastel type blue. Ohwell.

ಬತ್ತ್ಲೆಗ್ರೌಂದ್ ಸ್ಟೇಟ್

battleground state
Colorado is a battle ground state. This means among other things, that politicians wont leave me and my neighbors alone.

A while back they proposed dividing Colorado's electorial votes based on the popular vote, the argument against this was that it would marginalize our rather less than overwhelming 9 electorial votes.

I say, bring on the marginalization. I long for the days when I could see a car commercial, and old spice commercial and maybe an ad for a beer.

In fairness to the beer commericials though, nothing has made me want to shed the skin of a non drinker like all the political ads.

Also Colorado is one of the states where you can have ballot initivies. yes on 42 no, on 47, yes on this and that, man I hate ballot drives. Most of the commercials don't even address the initives. They just say things like firefighters are against XX (I don't know which one they're against.) it will make our job harder, than you get to reading it and it has to do with Unions.

If i wanted to legislate, I would run for political office.

This is what Jerry wants, I want to be marginalized, and I don't want ballot inititives.

That is all.

Oh wait, I also want the steelers to win the super bowl and a nice ruben sandwich would treat me right.