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Thursday, April 22, 2010


what am i getting for my tax dollars?  That is the question I ask.  I keep hearing people protesting the taxes.  I would believe these people where not racist if they had protested bush too, but they didn't and obama hasn't raised the taxes.  Ergo, they must be protesting something else?

However, that isnt' why I am posting, I am working on a American that lives in Canada's US return.  Dude made about 550k CAD which is about 484k US he doesn't have to buy health insurance (also he is a dentist or orthadontist, or some form of mouth doctor).  His combined Canada and province tax came out to 18.23%

I am going to find a US guy with about that income and compare.
While I am looking now would be a good time to fold some laundry or something, Be right back

So dude I looked up off the top of my head made 555k US.  His tax came out to 27.8% combined federal and state, and he paid 27k for health insurance.

Just sayin'

Saturday, April 3, 2010

See what a little press can do for you!!!

Yesterday morning I log onto my machine to start yet another day of toiling away the hours, while my baby is growing elsewhere, but nevermind that.  I like to complaing about my job, and stuff, but when a hospice is headquartered in the same building as your employer, there is rarely a week that goes by when I am not reminded that I am one of the lucky ones (for now). Anyway, I log onto my machine and I see this headline.

"Whale escorts pro surfer"

I thought that seems like a weird story, so I click on it, Some lady I've never heard of has a friend with breast cancer, although, I've never heard of her friend either, I have friends, cousins, and generally people I know who have, had, or have had breast cancer.  Fortunately, for the ones I know, I do not know anyone who has lost this war, so see I am lucky.   Anyway, I go to the chick's (I mean that in the most pc none sexist use of the term chick possible) site and see that she has raised $8k or something like.  Which is a heck of a lot more than i have ever raised for anything, and an accomplishment that should admired. 

Anyway, I go back this morning and she has raised 115k.  Althought the site rounds off becuase it says she raised $115,327.00 and I know I donated an amount that ended with .31.  I suppose it is possible that she has some other guy or not guy donate the .69 needed to make that an even 1 but I dont' know. Anyway, that is some serious fund raising.

Her page is at here and she is raising money for Keep a Breast Foundation.

Anyway that is all i got today, I just thought it was a cool story, then I thought it was cool to see what yahoo publicity can do for a cause!!