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Sunday, August 28, 2011

wait, weight don't tell me

I am in the worst shape of my life, or close to it, i weight more then I've ever weighted.

So i signed up for a 5k race. Das Hustelhoff.

I've sorta been training, not really, but I have been running more then i have in while, I think I might be able to run it all, slow like.

Also Just watched a documentary, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead I highly recommend it. It is on netflix, watch it, or not. Basically it is a fat sick and nearly dead dude that goes on a 60 juice fast.

Which I think is boarder line crazy. But, he has a plan for 5 15 10 or any other days reboot cleanse. I am going to give it a go. Not 61 or 15 but I figure Sunday to Sunday will be good. I am almost a day into it. This is my review. My head hurts in ways I can't explain. I'll try though or this post has reached its conclusion.

Anyway, As part of this I also have given up caffeine (or as the case may be diet soda). As a result my head is throbbing in a ways I don't like. But as far as being hungry goes I am fine. I am not even sorta hungry.

So I will try to post this week, I doubt I will find the time as you can tell I have posted less than frequently.  But today I weight 193lbs, and I ran 1.6 miles in 20 minutes.  I'll see if i can improve both of them for next week.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Parenting thoughts

The wife had a business trip to San Diego.  I know, it is rough to be her.  Well not nearly as rough as it is to be me.  It seems a 2 year olds need to be held by Mom, is inveresly related to that mom's ability to provide holdings.

When my the wife and daughter were here on Monday and Tuesday, the offspring wanted to be held by both of us.  Not at the same time, but most typically by who ever was doing something that made it hard to hold her, like cooking dinner or something.

This morning I got up got dressed, took the dog to daycare, took the daughter to day care, the dog goes to daycare, for two reasons, 1. It is a good idea when you have a giant dog, to get them used to being around other dogs, 2. When you're the only parent around you can't sneak out to walk him, so he hasn't had a walk in a day and he gets hyper when that happens and 3. he likes it alot.  Anyway, took the dog to day care, took the daughter to day care, she was extra clingy and that makes me sad, went to work, get and picked up the daughter from day care, went to the winnie the pooh movie, picked up the dog from daycare, tried to get the daughter to eat some dinner, only she got her fill on pop corn, tried to get her to go to sleep.  Got her to go to sleep got into my bed, with my pc and am now typing this and it is 11. 

In the morning, the alarm is going to go off in 6 hours, then I am going to be mucho tired tommorrow, but the wife is returning, it will be like bliss wrapped in happiness when she gets back.

Every time I have complete responsiblity for getting the kid to school, i am reminded that families are set up the way they are for a reason. Not that I am saying, you can't have just one mom, or one dad, or 2 moms or 2 dads, but I could not be a good parent alone.  Just couldn't do it.  To those that can, i respect you a lot more these days. 

I am also reminded that girl skills are different than boy skills, which is a completely sexists thing to say, but i am sticking too it.  Give any random adult a 2 year restless girl, a brush and 2 pony tail things, and see whose kid comes out with pig tails that roughly equal in size and placement.  I can tell you the smart money is not on me.

This song is on a cd i made awhile back of songs, I like, anyway the girl and i were listeningn to it and when this song came on she says that's my song, it's a good one.

If i can do anything as a parent it is to shelter her from Justin Beiber.
And convince her tattooes are not the way to go until your old enough to understand what permanent means. Which I am fairly sure doesn't happen till your 40 :-D