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Monday, May 30, 2011


It is memorial day, and it is hot finally, or it was now it looks like we'll have a thunderstorm, but nevermind that, it is hot finally.

On NPR I was listening to i though weekend edition, but I was not and they had a piece on the sounds of summer, where 4 people much better at writing than I described the sounds that reminded of them of summer.  I am not sure if it was part of the assignment or not, but they all talked about sounds from their childhoods.

One lady talked about the sound of the ice cream truck.

That got me thinking,  No one that comes here, likely remembers the ice cream man in and around Carbon County.  However that guy was the coolest ice cream man ever.  He had a big van, huge, like ambulance sized, and in it was everything you needed to have a ice cream parlor.  You want soft serve, check, you want softserve dipped in chocolate, made right at your front yard, he had it.  He had all the premade stuff that other icecream men have, but i never got those.

What i liked, dreamed, of and still long for are his shakes.  That was sweet, he would make a shake right there curb side.  That was awesome.

When i think of the icecream man i think of him, and his music and big old van.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

weigth-in saturday

So I weighted in at 192 today, that is slightly less than i weighted a few days ago, and I saw that I needed to get into shape.

Also, I am taking book reccommendations again.

Also, It is memorial day weekend.  Everyone, well, everyone that is American, or even those that aren't, you should take a minute to reflect and remember those who died for us or you.  Unless  you're say Brazilian, it is likely an army made up of your countrymen died fighting to protect it.  While it is true that it is an American holiday, and I will take to time to remember the soliders who have been injured and are trying to deal with the emtional impacts of war.

There are lots of folks doing things for Veterans.  I am going to give a little bit to the Wounded Warrior Project

Saturday, May 28, 2011


I seems my blogging has become less than regular. Which may or may not be tied to I don't have much to say, but that isn't really it. It is unbelievable how much energy 2 years have/use. I think she sucks it out of me and right into her.

Not that i am complaining, today we went to the zoo, again. It was very cool. She loves the zoo so we go. That seems to be the way my life goes of late. She likes something we do it, until she falls asleep which is promptly followed up by my falling asleep.

However this past week my wife was travelling and for the first time she left the spawn with me. Wow, or maybe Holy Wow.

Anyway, that is all i got really, I am reading the book Game of thrones because HBO made a series out of it, i figured it would be good, I figured wrong. IT is long, I am nearly 400 pages in and i don't care what happens to any of the characters.

Also not that I know how it is going to end cause I am not there yet, and it is a series so final resolution is likely books away, but this is what Jerry thinks is going to happen. The daughter of the old king, is going to get her a dragon and align herself with the starks and get the crown. Lets see how predictable this series is.