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Saturday, January 26, 2013

my thoughts on stuff

I watched that movie Ted the other day, and found it an odd mixture of stupidly profane and still manage to remain somewhat touching.  However in the previews there was one whose title i don't remember now, and it said,  "from the film makers that brought you Resident Evil.”  Does this make anyone want to see the movie?

There is so much stuff swirling through my head right now, and well, a great deal of it stems from my naivety. People suck.  That is what i am learning more and more of, and well I don't want to learn it, maybe it is having a job where the only people you deal with are either good at cheating or bad at complying.

Maybe it is just the news,  I don't what it is, but that is my conclusion.

I mean, sorta, I guess, I didn't know the degree to which the same person can be great in one aspect of life and just plain shitty in another.

Oh the plus side, I am glad I got over that.

Next and this is just my brief political take for a minute, but given all the gun control talk of late, and all the folks claiming it is in the second amendment they can own guns, I would like just one person to show where it says that?

That is all for that.

The superbowl is next week, I kinda don't even want to watch.

I went skiing at Loveland today, that was fun, I needed to get out.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

new year

I realize that I missed the new year, but nevermind that.  I was dealing with some stuff personally that I didn't want seeping onto the internet.

But I am feeling much better now, so I am back.

I just turned 40, If you had told me when i was 20 that at 40, I would still have every little of anything figure out, well, I would have said that sucks.

It does suck but you know, It is also a good thing, who wants to have all the stuff figured out. I mean if you can answer the question who am I, that kinda means it has been answered. 

I would prefer that answer to remain elusive and ever changing.  Like I one day would like to be able to say I am a musucian, this year, I am going to run a 1/2 marathon.  That is my goal. 

I am a Coloradan right now, but by the end of the year, I hope to be a Virginian,  and well.  That is all. I have, oh also, My calvese hurt, if anyone is reading this that is either young and in shape, I tell you this much, getting back into shape is a BITCH. 

Don't get out of shape i the first place.

That is all.