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Saturday, July 30, 2016

I haven't really been blogging in about 3 years now, i keep thinking i should come back, mostly to vent my frustrations.  But then i think that is a horrible idea.  So i just keep them to myself.  I don't know how to post about anything right now and not be all negative all the time.

I have lived in DC for nearly 3 years and have made exactly zero friends since moving here.  You could ask yourself why, or you may not, I don't know. but i do know, I hate everything about this city, EVERYTHING.  I hate the people i meet that like it here. I hate that i am here, I hate the traffic, I hate the pretentiousness.  If i had to make a list the states i want to live in.  Here it is

1.  Colorado

2 thru 50  everywhere else.

Only i don't get to live there likely ever again.  So I live here, and go through my days, thinking to myself god this city sucks.

Also I don't actually live in DC I am in side the beltway but in virginia and it sucks

Saturday, January 16, 2016


So Tuesday, I am headed to St. Louis for my wife's grandmother's funeral.

Which is kinda sad. On the plus side, she did live into her nineties, was married more than 70 years, and raised 5 kids (that is crazy), I think 4 went to college, and maybe 5, the one I am unsure about was a police officer, he has retired.

All and all, she had a long, as far as I know healthy life.  But the point of this is she was we'll say 90 to make the math easier, she was born 1925.

She was like 5 at the beginning of the great depression, she saw world war II, she saw the civil rights movement, man land on the moon, the civil rights movement, well, this list could get really really long.

I never really talked to her much, as well, I only met her 4 times I think, and she talk much, I just hope that I can live up the  example she set.