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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

best days

Abby posted a post about what one of her best days.  Which was based on her polygraph experiance.  Well, I've never had a polygraph, or a paternaty test, or( I don't think I've ever even had) a drug test. 

I've taken, or at least participated in pregnancy test taking.  I remember twice, one negative and, one postive.  Strangely enough both tests, years apart rank up there as pretty good days :-D. 

But that is the easy answer, the day the kid was born, the day I got married, the cliche best days, while those are the best days, I am thinking of best days that are best and unique to me.

Here it goes, this is really kinda boring and not very exciting, but when i was say 23 or so, i was invited to a wedding for some people i didn't know by a girl.  In hind sight, i should have realized that maybe this was a sign she was interested in me as more than just a friend, but me not being a playa didn't make that connection til about a verb clause ago.

But nevermind that, I do not remember the people names.  I don't remember where they were from, I don't know anything about them other than they were young and mormon.  Being mormon (broad generalization ahead).  They got married really young and without the luxery of a huge wedding budget.  They got married in the Temple, and the reception was at a local church.

Anyway, the people had some "friends" volunteer to help with the wedding.  Tracking gifts, coats, and serving snacks and that sorta thing.  Well, these friends didn't show up.  We were one of the first guests to arrive and I didn't know anyone, so I say to the I think father of the bride who was all in a panic that I would help in the kitchen putting the cheese and crackers together and doing the sorta coat check, gift table thing 

I did that for almost 5 hours.  With people that came and went, and at the end of it.  I was getting ready to leave and the couple whom I still hadn't met came up to me and this girl, whom like abby, I will call Emily becuase that was her name.  Anyway they come up to Emily and I, and give me one of the most heartfelt thank yous I have ever gotten.  The bride actually started crying and told me something like, God must have blessed us to have you guys here, you completely saved my reception from disaster.

This is likely an overstatement.  I am sure someone else who actually knew the couple would have stepped up, but well, I did it.  Mostly alone as the girl mingled with her friends.  So I am Jerry saver of weddings and accountant.

That isn't a great experiance, or a huge memorable day, but i just remember the warmth and gratitude they shared with me for helping them.  That was awesome, I wonder if they're still married and remember me.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Chubby McTubikins

I am out of shape and well just plain fat.  If I had an alias it would be Chubby McTubikins.  With that being said, previously I had stated my goal of doing a marathon when I was 40.  I need to find one to do.

It turns out this is kinda a long term goal as I wont be 40 for 14 months, so i have between 14 and 26 months to prepare for this.

I think I will start with just getting into better shape and running a 5k.  Which is 1/8 or so of a marathon :-).

so with that I am picking my 5k today.  I am going to run a marathon in summer of 2013.

I need to get busy!!!

Monday, October 31, 2011

I want

1. I want a new coat.
2. new coats are expensive
3. I will put off getting a new coat for a while as said new coats are expensive.

1. I want a new tv.
2. new tvs are expensive
3. I will put off getting a new tv for a while as said new tvs are expensive.

1. I want an exotic vacation to Europe.
2. Going to Europe is expensive
3. I will put off going to Europe becuase going to Europe is expensive

1. I want a new house
2. new houses are expensive (not nearly as expensive as they where when i got my townhome in 2006, but nevermind that)
3. I will put that off for a while

On the plus side, i have a semi new car that runs well, I am not in danger of lossing my house, I have a healthy baby.  I have a smokin' hot wife, my dog rocks ( and not just because he is named neil diamond).  The Steelers just beat the patriots. My daughter is doing great.  I have a good job, even if it causes people to sorta cringe.

Things are going great, but I just can't stop thinking I want this and that.

A want that I get to have, I want to run a marathon when I am 40.  That is my new goal.  I think i can do it, i just need to be consistent in my training, and well get some training.

the short bus review

As i mentioned before, I actually read the book "The Short Bus" by Jonathan Mooney.  Abby asked what i thought of it, so here goes.

I liked the first 1/3 of the book and the last chapter a lot.  But the book is kinda repetitious in its format.

Dude opens up talking about himself and why he was labeled different, and discusses all the pain it cuased, then he talked to a kid similar to him and talks about his journey, and you pull for the kid, although, you never know how they turned out.

The books starts out with kids that are labeled learning disabled and it is kinda addressing the whole labeling thing.  Do we need to label the kids, or are the kids treated differently because they're labeled.

But it evolves into something else entirely.  Towards the end the stories are 1. painful, 2. hopeless to me. The characters at the end have disabilities that are not just labels they're physical ailments or handicaps or whatever.

Not that i am trying to minimize add, or adhd, or dyslecsia, but peopel with those disorders can blend into society if only for a minute.  A blind and deaf child can not, is all i am trying to say.

Anyway, the last few chapters of the book, you read and you feel bad and the chapter ends, and then you think WTF, now what, you want them to be okay and to lives happily ever after, but I doubt they will be.

So the message of the book was good, the intent of the book was good, and overall i say it is book, but the book made me think, society sucks while at the same time thinking there is nothing one can do about it.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

reading and my thouhts

First reading, i had made it my rather unremarkable goal to read 12 books this year.  I had got a nook and was making decent progress.  I had a nook is an important thing to say, i no longer have a nook, and I've not been reading as much because of it.

It is so nice to be able to just sit down when you have ten minutes and the thing opens up to exactly where you were.  This year I had read, 4 to 6 books, I am not sure exactly I should add a couple to my tally just to make an effort.  Besides if Splat the Cat counts, I am way way way way over.

Last time i asked for book requests, I read the short bus. 

So i am asking again, any book ideas?

Insert section divide here

I had a conversation at work the other day which really really troubles me.

Remember Anders Behring Breivik?  He is the crazy dude that killed somewhere around 80 folks in Norway.  We were talking about him and comparing him to the US death penalty.   In the US dude would likely get the death penalty.  In Norway he'll likely get like 20 year.  The point of our discussion was is the US right or is Norway right?

I found myself stunningly on the Norwegian side, not because i think this guy should be kept alive, but because if you are judging comparing and contrasting societies and awarding points, who wins.  The society that is judged by most of the world as murderous for the death penalty policy, or the society judged by the rest of the world as being too compassionate?

I also don't think the death penalty is in anyway, helpful.   So dude kills someone and 16 years later is put to death.  Does that erase his/her sins?  Does that some how atone for the doing?  And does it make us safer at all? 

According to the innocence project 273 people have been exonerated because of DNA of those 13 had been on death row. That is only since 1989.   That is about 1 once a year.  How many people has the US killed that were innocent?

If we don't protect the lives of people are we as a society any different from those members that kill?  

My co workers called me a liberal, pinko commie. I am like seriously, you think it is wrong to not want to protect innocent people from the death penalty even at the risk of subjecting not innocent people to the paradise that is life without parole.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


As a working professional, i work monday thru friday, and sometimes on the weekend like this weekend, i brouht home work to do tommorrow afternoon.

Anyway, the weekend is supposed to be for relaxing, or getting stuff done, or having fun.

However this weekend this is/was my agenda.

Saturday morning gymnastics for 2 and 1/2 year olds.
Saturday afternoon, matine showing of Swan Lake, (completely unrelated to this post, but i was watching swan lake and this is what i thougth
  • I know this music, i had no idea it was swan lake but i knew it, which is a little unnerving, i think i should try to  not know that.
  • I watched the first act, scene 1 and scene 2 then read the plot synopsis, and i thought that is t what i got from that at all, but in fairness after i knew what was supposed to be going on, well that is what seemed to happen, but my version of the events well, not what was supposed to be conveyed.
  • despite the resent hollywood movies, about the ballerinas in the ballet, the ballet is completely devoid of hot girl on girl action.
  • I sorta like the ballet, do not like the opera, but the ballet offers a fair amount of entertainment.
Saturday evening, watch a double showing of lady and the tramp.

Sunday morning church
sunday afternoon 2 year old birthday party
sunday evening, get to work i was supposed to do.

Now for those of you at home keeping score, you'll notice there isn't a place for football watching, this is more than a little unnerving.

On the other hand, my daughter likes spending time with me, so i'll milk that for a bit.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

my thoughts

It seems it is the time of political posts again.  I have no idea what i will do this presidential election.  Oh yea, i do, vote for the not GOP candidate.

This is what i don't get, how you can say that Obama is waging class warfare while at the same time endorse and idea like Herman Cain's 9 9 9 plan.  Here is the basis, 9 percent national sales tax, 9 percent flat income tax, 9 percent flat corporate tax.

Here is a link to the site to his plan.  Which is basically the FAIR tax in disguise. The FAIR tax is class warfare.  When you do not tax capital gains or dividends and only tax consumption you shift the burden of the taxation system from the wealthy to the poor.

I have no idea how the middle class works out in this plan, i would suspect near neutral.  But if you only tax spending, those with little or not savings will pay a higher tax rate.  That just seems unfair at the most basic level to me.

Also his plan says fair tax but it doesn't define sales.  So is rent now taxable?  Are services taxable?

This is possible the cruelest idea i have ever heard to stimulate the economy.  This is class warfare at its worst.

The douche bags you here on the radio claiming obama is waging class warfare by proposing taxation levels below where Regan had them while at the same time claiming Regan as a role model are hoping that the listeners are stupid.

Also dude says you could get rid of the IRS.  I know that every state that has sales tax has an enforcement division.  You can't tax the poorest people the most and expect everyone will just pay, this sort of thing just encourages a cash based unreported economy.

Which brings me to my other point.

The other day i was making fun of the I am a Mormon campaign.  I still think it is a horrible campaign, but then i see dickheads like this guy and understand why the church thinks they need a publicity campaign.

Lastly I bought a used guitar, turns out it needs repairs sometimes the Internet sucks, as i bought it and the guy said like new, i was expecting some cosmetic flaws.  turns out the cosmetics are perfect, the functionality is crap, which is not new

Friday, October 7, 2011

Being a Fed is Sweet

Sometimes working for the Government sucks.  Dealing with administrative tasks all day instead of your job while still being expected to do your job is crazy.

Having what they refer in the public world as administritve support staff just cause you headache and work takes some getting used to.

Getting Columbus day off, takes no getting used to.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

I am not a mormon

So this weekend I saw the commercials that say that "I am a Mormon."

It might just be me, but those commercials remind me of a 12 step program.  I could make a commercial that says, that I am Jerry, I am an accountant, husband, father, son and I am a recovering alcoholic.

They also crack me up.

I actually tried to be a Mormon a few times, growing up it would have been easier to be one, so you take the lessons read the crap the missionaries tell you to read then they ask you to pray about it and open your heart.  I did that and this is what my heart says.  This is a bunch of crap.

I am a Christian.  I go to a nondenominational chruch,  Probably from where I grew up, or maybe just my interpretation of things, but i bristle at those who force their religion on others.  This is what jerry thinks.

If you are not willing to listen and learn about other peoples beliefs, you have no right to share your beliefs.

So if you are telling me that i need to listen to the teachings of Joe, or Mohammad or Jesus, or Buddha, if you're not willing to learn about the other teachings then shut the f. up.

2 Sundays ago, the pastor who is not the usual pastor at our church, gave a sermon on sharing the good news.  Those message anger me, because they're steeped in creating divisions in society.  We no the truth, god favors us more than he does them.  Well if that is the God they believe in I want no part in your faith.

I am fairly certain I was taught God loves people, not some people or a few people, but all people.

All of the leaders of the LDS church were alive and supported the church when it disallowed entrance into the chruch for black people, and interacial marriages where viewed as punishable by death.  The later part of that was said by Brigham Young.  Hey is looked at as a profit by Mormons.  That is all I need to know about the church.

If they LDS chruch was true and the president had spoke directly with god, if gods speaker said something like that, I want no part in that god.

Also which is why i got thinking this.  Mitt Rommney is a Mormon.  I wouldn't vote for him anyway because he is also a republician, but I wouldn't vote for Rommney because he is a mormon. Which I know is prejudicial, but this is my weak defensive of that thinking.

I have spoke to a lot of mormons who will vote for him becuase he is a mormon,  That is equally prejudicial.

I am Jerry, I am not a mormon, and I will never be one.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

my thoughts on stuff

Fall has arrived, I mean besides the obvious signs like there is football.  The morning air is a little brisk as well.
This mean among other things that it isn't so hot!

But side note for those who care, It has been 6 days since my dog had a seizure.  That sucked, the vet said it likely wasn't a real seizure because it was short, isolated and proceeded immediately by vomiting, i have no idea what that means, but i hope it is true, I can't imagine having a seizure last for 2 to 5 minutes, that would be freaky.

It also means that it is fall, and Swallow hill is going to start their fall classes soon, well, they usually start them as they're 8 week courses but I am going to begin taking guitar classes again.

Also last sunday I did P90X once, I couldn't move for 3 days.  I am not sure how you do that and have a daughter nipping at your heels.

Anyway, I think I am going to try to find like knockoff telecaster.  not knock off in cheap unauthorized copy, but knock off in the cheap authorized squier copy.

Fender makes the telecaster, and the much more common stratocaster, but they own a line of "affordable" guitars that modeled after the real thing but cost much less.

If i ever play for a paid show, I'll consider the upgrade, till then i just want to know a song.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Update on the juicing kick.  I went from 193 to 187 in a week.  Then I went to Orlando for a week.  Well, in the happiest place on earth, I thought my binging or at least eating out all week would destroy any progress i had made, well, I got back got up this morning and weighted myself, and it said 189.

That is pretty freaking awesome. I mean i thought that I would be at like 194, but that was not to be.

I didn't run das hastlehoff, as I was in Florida.  So I am going to find a new 5k to run in a few weeks, I think the Denver Race for the cure is coming up.  That will be good i think, i won't have to dress up in a beer wench outfit to fit in.

Also here is my review of Disneyworld.  I don't like Orlando, it is like everyone there is overly friendly and nice, but it seems to be masking poorly hidden quasi-desperation.  Everything is new and yet less than shiny.

I also noticed it is almost the end of september, and I hadn't posted yet this month, this blog has become far to sporatic, I will work on that.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

wait, weight don't tell me

I am in the worst shape of my life, or close to it, i weight more then I've ever weighted.

So i signed up for a 5k race. Das Hustelhoff.

I've sorta been training, not really, but I have been running more then i have in while, I think I might be able to run it all, slow like.

Also Just watched a documentary, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead I highly recommend it. It is on netflix, watch it, or not. Basically it is a fat sick and nearly dead dude that goes on a 60 juice fast.

Which I think is boarder line crazy. But, he has a plan for 5 15 10 or any other days reboot cleanse. I am going to give it a go. Not 61 or 15 but I figure Sunday to Sunday will be good. I am almost a day into it. This is my review. My head hurts in ways I can't explain. I'll try though or this post has reached its conclusion.

Anyway, As part of this I also have given up caffeine (or as the case may be diet soda). As a result my head is throbbing in a ways I don't like. But as far as being hungry goes I am fine. I am not even sorta hungry.

So I will try to post this week, I doubt I will find the time as you can tell I have posted less than frequently.  But today I weight 193lbs, and I ran 1.6 miles in 20 minutes.  I'll see if i can improve both of them for next week.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Parenting thoughts

The wife had a business trip to San Diego.  I know, it is rough to be her.  Well not nearly as rough as it is to be me.  It seems a 2 year olds need to be held by Mom, is inveresly related to that mom's ability to provide holdings.

When my the wife and daughter were here on Monday and Tuesday, the offspring wanted to be held by both of us.  Not at the same time, but most typically by who ever was doing something that made it hard to hold her, like cooking dinner or something.

This morning I got up got dressed, took the dog to daycare, took the daughter to day care, the dog goes to daycare, for two reasons, 1. It is a good idea when you have a giant dog, to get them used to being around other dogs, 2. When you're the only parent around you can't sneak out to walk him, so he hasn't had a walk in a day and he gets hyper when that happens and 3. he likes it alot.  Anyway, took the dog to day care, took the daughter to day care, she was extra clingy and that makes me sad, went to work, get and picked up the daughter from day care, went to the winnie the pooh movie, picked up the dog from daycare, tried to get the daughter to eat some dinner, only she got her fill on pop corn, tried to get her to go to sleep.  Got her to go to sleep got into my bed, with my pc and am now typing this and it is 11. 

In the morning, the alarm is going to go off in 6 hours, then I am going to be mucho tired tommorrow, but the wife is returning, it will be like bliss wrapped in happiness when she gets back.

Every time I have complete responsiblity for getting the kid to school, i am reminded that families are set up the way they are for a reason. Not that I am saying, you can't have just one mom, or one dad, or 2 moms or 2 dads, but I could not be a good parent alone.  Just couldn't do it.  To those that can, i respect you a lot more these days. 

I am also reminded that girl skills are different than boy skills, which is a completely sexists thing to say, but i am sticking too it.  Give any random adult a 2 year restless girl, a brush and 2 pony tail things, and see whose kid comes out with pig tails that roughly equal in size and placement.  I can tell you the smart money is not on me.

This song is on a cd i made awhile back of songs, I like, anyway the girl and i were listeningn to it and when this song came on she says that's my song, it's a good one.

If i can do anything as a parent it is to shelter her from Justin Beiber.
And convince her tattooes are not the way to go until your old enough to understand what permanent means. Which I am fairly sure doesn't happen till your 40 :-D

Saturday, July 30, 2011

class reunion

My 20 year reunion is supposed to be next weekend.  Only I can't go.  It turns out my real life is getting the way of my former life.  Which got me thinking why do i want to go.  I had a good time in high school, but I was also a complete and utter social failure.  Which may or may not be an exaggeration, but here is my test, i never had a girl friend in high school, i never went on a date. 

I would have done anything, to be good enough to have had a girlfriend in high school.  Well that is anything but ask a girl out.  That is pure lunacy. I realize the errors of my thinking, but it can't change it.

I don't really care what most of the people are doing, I have a few friends i would like to have a reason to visit.  I like to visit where I am from and since my family is no longer there, it is highly unlikely I have reason to get back.  But at the same time, I want to visit.

I have no desire to see the girls the either rebuffed me, wouldn't talk to me or completely terrified me.  It isn't that I don't want to see them, but to me in my head they're who they were not who they are, so I guess, I have memories of a time, that is gone, and there is no going back.  It isn't that i don't want to see them either, it is just I don't get those shows like high school reunion on vh1. 

I don't want to go back and reunite with people, who mostly through my own cowardice, remind me of the time in my life, when I was full of potential yet failing everyday to do the  only thing that mattered.

I also want to go, cause I have a smoking hot wife.  I can think of a few people that I would really like to see just to say, ha my wife is hotter than your wife, but that is probably not good want to have.  I don't want to see people to think, man it sucks to be you, or I make more money than you, or anything like.  I just would like to see where some people have ended up.

Facebook has cleared that up for some people, but for a lot of people that isn't the case at all.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

the world bites

You ever have one of those days when you wake up and everything seems to be wrong.  That was me today, I woke up got out of bed and was angry for no good reason.  Went to work was all frustrated and irritated by the world as a whole.

The people that talked to me, i kept thinking things like, has the little guy that runs the damn on the crazy river opened the flood gates wide?  At my lunch, and about 1/2 through lunch it just hit me, it isn't the world that is wrong today, it is me

Also when i got back to my desk i was all sweaty and dizzy, and sleepy.  So i took the afternoon off sick, came home had a nap, at a banana, and now, I feeling much much better, I just have to figure out how to apologize to those I crossed paths with.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

things my daughter says

The other day, my daughter left her plate at the coffee table with four pieces of cheese on it. A piece of the cheese was mysteriously missing when she returned.  She was mad that her cheese was missing.  She says, "Don't eat my Chee!"  It was amoung the funniest things ever.

So the point in time has happened when really the only thing i have to write about is my daughter.  I get to go to work, come home and play with her. So if i am going to write anything it is going to be about how funny she is, cause tax work is rather boring to accountants, i am guessing it would drive other completely nuts.

Anyway, I like Chee.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


This is what I have been thinking of late.  Kids grow up entirely too fast. I am entirely too fat, and when I was a kid summers seemed to be endless.

It is already nearing the end of July, I mean it is middle, but after the next work week it'll be towards then end.  If i were god for a day, I would add some more summer to summer, perhaps even go to a 5 season cycle, we could have, Autum, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Summerer.  That would be sweet  add a whole month right in the middle called Juvember, also my new month is going to have 31 days too, none of that short month business, July Juvember and August are all having 31 days, in  a row :-)

I was at Target yesterday and noticed all the back to school supplies are out.  That is insane.   Also, I saw a list of what you have to equip a kid with to send them to school these days, sheesh, You need fewer supplies to plan you ascent of Mount Kilamanjaro, and likely less money too.  When did the tricks of linear algebra become so expensive?

My daughter is 2 and less than a half and more than a 1/4 so, I suppose she is like 2 and 3/8 but who says that. Which got me to thinking about the expression "a fraction of" More specifically it was the knuckleheads on the radio lamenting that people's 401k are a fraction of what they used to be, but come to us and i'll guarantee you'll never lose a cent again.  Which drives me nuts but never mind that, what i was thinking of is the a fraction of what they used to be, can't everything be expressed as a fraction, i mean if i had 15/10 of what i used to have that would be a good thing wouldn't it.  I know that you're not supposed to mix numbers like that, but your not supposed to make promises that are untrue either, so that is my thought on that.

I also been thinking, I am so glad I do not have to date anymore or ever again.   A woman i work with is trying her hand at dating and it seems there are some damaged broken crazy ass people running around the midlife single market. Also I married way way way way over my head.  So i got that going for me

Entirely unrealted, but it has been bugging me, letting go of the past seems to be both equally good, and equallly bad.  I mean you can't spent your days sitting around lamenting about could have been or should have done, but you can't live your life without reflection, otherwise, you'll end up saying thinks like that always happens to me.  Which is you dont' learn from the past, that will be the case, but if you dwell, you'll not move forward either, life can be tricky business.

I had planned to try to get into shape this summer, but everytime i start i work out like 3 days then something comes up i miss a day and i don't get back to it for a week or so, which completely busts the momentum i had started, urgh, why is there such a difference between what is good for you and what is easy.

That is all i got for today.

Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July

I was talking to some people at the office, and around my office, there are only 2 of maybe 35 people that have tattooes, well 2 that i know of, i suppose there maybe more, and actually I think it is likely 2 dudes have them but I dont' know about it.  They're both ex army dudes, army dudes seem to like them.

I realize it is likely a me problem as lots of folks have them now, but I really can't think of anything I want on me permanently.  Not that I have a fear of permanence or anything but have you seen those dudes, and by dudes I mean both mean and women that are all sleaved up.  With tats everywhere?  Does that say anything other than, what i put on my body isn't all that important and I do not want to be taken seriously.

A few days ago I heard about a study, This study showed that defendants found guilty faced harsher sentencing if they had tattoos the judge and/or jury could see in the trial.  I have no idea if this was true or not, or if it was a coincidence, as in, most of the cats with neck tats in the survey had prior convictions, and stuff and there for deserved harsher sentencing, or if the study was controlled for that. But it makes me think, fashion should not be perm. and it shouldn't get you more jail time.

Which finally brings me to my point, i heard someone talking about Labrone James and comparing his marketing to that of tiger woods and jordan. Despite the obvious differences in that woods and jordan have won a lot of titles, they also despite rather huge personality problems. Jordan gambles a lot, and Woods knows all to well how to stick it in the hole.  I mean isn't that perfect, the dude who dominates golf, has like 20 mistresses.   but that is neither here nor there, what this piece was focusing on was the marketability.  I think that James marketability suffers a great deal by his having oodles of tats.

And dude is like 24, what do you do when you hit like 30 and finally the important stuff has happened in your life, you have a wife and kids, but you're already sleaved, can you get tat redos?  That is a serious question?

Anyway, I you get a tat, that is fine, get 2 that is likely also fine, but get 65 and they are on your hands, well, just know that I am not going to trust you, and i am not going to take anything you ahve to say seriously. Until I get to know you, then you can overcome this, but most people i see like that I do not get to know.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


It is mid summer, and i am still weighing around 191. I suppose that isn't around, I weigh around 190.  I would rather say 191, though, becuase that way when i weigh 189, I can celebrate my 2 lb weight loss.

Now that I am a government employee, I realize that is awesome, and insanely frustrating at the same time.

Also, I like books on my nook. 

The fastest train in the world can go over 400km per hour.  I just saw a commerical that says that.  Is that fast?  I don't know, if your going to use metrics, don't buy ad space in the US, it is meaningless to most of us I think.  They may as well have said, 400,000 km I have no idea what that means.

Also I need to post more!

Monday, May 30, 2011


It is memorial day, and it is hot finally, or it was now it looks like we'll have a thunderstorm, but nevermind that, it is hot finally.

On NPR I was listening to i though weekend edition, but I was not and they had a piece on the sounds of summer, where 4 people much better at writing than I described the sounds that reminded of them of summer.  I am not sure if it was part of the assignment or not, but they all talked about sounds from their childhoods.

One lady talked about the sound of the ice cream truck.

That got me thinking,  No one that comes here, likely remembers the ice cream man in and around Carbon County.  However that guy was the coolest ice cream man ever.  He had a big van, huge, like ambulance sized, and in it was everything you needed to have a ice cream parlor.  You want soft serve, check, you want softserve dipped in chocolate, made right at your front yard, he had it.  He had all the premade stuff that other icecream men have, but i never got those.

What i liked, dreamed, of and still long for are his shakes.  That was sweet, he would make a shake right there curb side.  That was awesome.

When i think of the icecream man i think of him, and his music and big old van.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

weigth-in saturday

So I weighted in at 192 today, that is slightly less than i weighted a few days ago, and I saw that I needed to get into shape.

Also, I am taking book reccommendations again.

Also, It is memorial day weekend.  Everyone, well, everyone that is American, or even those that aren't, you should take a minute to reflect and remember those who died for us or you.  Unless  you're say Brazilian, it is likely an army made up of your countrymen died fighting to protect it.  While it is true that it is an American holiday, and I will take to time to remember the soliders who have been injured and are trying to deal with the emtional impacts of war.

There are lots of folks doing things for Veterans.  I am going to give a little bit to the Wounded Warrior Project

Saturday, May 28, 2011


I seems my blogging has become less than regular. Which may or may not be tied to I don't have much to say, but that isn't really it. It is unbelievable how much energy 2 years have/use. I think she sucks it out of me and right into her.

Not that i am complaining, today we went to the zoo, again. It was very cool. She loves the zoo so we go. That seems to be the way my life goes of late. She likes something we do it, until she falls asleep which is promptly followed up by my falling asleep.

However this past week my wife was travelling and for the first time she left the spawn with me. Wow, or maybe Holy Wow.

Anyway, that is all i got really, I am reading the book Game of thrones because HBO made a series out of it, i figured it would be good, I figured wrong. IT is long, I am nearly 400 pages in and i don't care what happens to any of the characters.

Also not that I know how it is going to end cause I am not there yet, and it is a series so final resolution is likely books away, but this is what Jerry thinks is going to happen. The daughter of the old king, is going to get her a dragon and align herself with the starks and get the crown. Lets see how predictable this series is.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

words of wisdom

So i bought a nook color.  but that isn't what i am talking about, my nook cover has a quote that says something like (I know I should go look, but i prefer to not.)  "Books like friends should be few and well chosen."

First, why would i want just a few friends, should you be lucky enough to have a lot of friends?  That seems like bad advice to base a philosophy on. 

Second should a book store encourage me to have few books?  Really, that seems like a really really bad idea.  I am pretty certain that is a bad business model that encourages ignorance, but nevermind that.

IF you can't trust a giant corporation, to impart wisdom on you where is one to look?

Well, on my first aniversery, we had lunch with my wife's grandparents.  Her grandfather told me, you can lose track after 50.

Those are words to live by!

Next week is my fifth aniversery, I'll not forget that one!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Society sucks sometimes

So I am reading this book, mostly cause Abby recommend when i ask for book recommends.   This book just make me mad at society and the way we treat people who think differently or act differently. 

As far as I can tell there is nothing wrong with dude that wrote the book other than people told him something was wrong with him.  It is irritating to me that if you reason differently or act differently or anything like that, then some who you are labeled inferior.  WTF is that all about.

Then I read an article in Newsweek about a lady that was dealing with a child that has some for autism.  The same thing game across. 

Not that i am making light of the people with disabilities, and need help, but lumping those who are different with those that are disabled is doing nobody any good.

Not that I am comparing my life experience to dude that wrote the book, I mean my life has been rainbows and fluffy bunnies compared to what he had to go through in school.  But I am a narcoleptic fellow.   Which means among other things that I have 2 symptoms I think i would like to discuss.

Cataplexy (sudden and temporary loss of muscle tone often triggered by emotions such as laughter)

Hallucinations (vivid dreamlike experiences that occur while falling asleep or upon awakening)

I have had the hallucinations as long as i can remember, I used to think that is what day dreaming meant.  I remember being in the third grade and Mr. Ball reading us James and the Giant peach, I loved that time of the class, cause I could put my head on the desk listen to the words and watch them come literally alive in font of me.  This always happens, and is reason number 1 I do not watch horror movies or crime shows very often,  imagine if you watched say law and order special victims unit, and fell asleep only as soon as you fell asleep you were in the dream with the worst kind of demented sadist.  That is no bed of roses.

I remember cataplexy happening the first time in 8th grade at a stupid gym class dance we used to have to participate in.  I always asked then same girl to dance, a. because she was hot, b. cause she was my friend from like kindergarten and it was safe.  Anyway, I had a huge crush on this girl probably from 6th grade to my senior year.  Anyway, in this stupid dance in gym glass of all the stupid places, she says to me, i can't wait till high school, then the boys will be taller than me.  (side note and only a slightly unrelated, she is now 6'2") Anyway, I lost all the tone in my muscles and nearly fell.  It says it is often triggered by laughter, but for me at least it is triggered by embarrassment, sometimes laughter but mostly embarrassment.

Anyway, I now know that most people do not have these things.  I really truly think the night hallucinations are a great deal of why I am me.  I mean, they taught me to love to read.  I would read stories, even horror stories and live them.  I could get into books and movies, but more so with books in ways other people can't and I like it.  On the down side is sometimes, I can't separate them from reality with out a little thought.  but that is neither her nor there.

The cataplexy just plain sucks, but if it wasn't for that and my over all level of geekiness, I likely wouldn't have been where i was when i met my wife, as such, I like that it brought me here.

Another side note and only a little more unrelated another symptom of narcolepsy is sleep paralysis.  Imagine waking from a nightmare, and not being able to move at all for a few minutes (usually seconds).  Sometimes it happens without the nightmare, and i can deal with that it sucks but it goes away and isn't all that problematic, but when you wake from a nightmare and can't move.  sheesh, I remember one particular instance of this, where, We had watched nightmare on elm street, and then i had the nightmare, and when i woke from it, i couldn't move, I was sweating and terrified and unable to even talk.  I didn't care for that.

This is one of the last comments on webmd, which is kind of what got me thinking about this while reading a book on LD.

Narcolepsy may lead to impairment of social and academic performance in otherwise intellectually normal children.

Since it didn't lead to the impairment of my academic performance, and i am choosing to ignore the may part, i am going to take this to mean, i am exceptionally intelligent.

Or maybe slightly off, but never mind that.

The point of this was, kids and adults, mostly people would do a lot better if everyone accepted everyone else for who they were rather than who we wanted them to be.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


I used to like independent movies, or at least, major studios using a production company that sounds like it would be an independent movie and not part of the major studio companies, but really most of them are just fronts. Kinda like when you want a European car so you buy a volvo, but then you find out that is owned by a Chinese company, what you want if you want a European car is anything but a Chinese car but there you are with your brand new S70, programming integrated gps system wondering why your choices are, Cantonese, Mandarin, Wu, Xiang, Gan, Swedish or English. Well now you know but that isn't the point of this post. The point is I used to interest and hobbies and things that I liked to do.

These days, I just hang out with my baby when ever I get the chance, Right now we're watching barney and playing with a tape measure. Later today probably more of the same.

Anyway, The weird, or at least the part of being a parent that i find most surprising, is i don't much miss doing things that i want to do. At least not yet anyway. But I swear if she grows up to be on the swim team, I am going to bring a Nook to those meets. Man Swimming is a boring spectator sport.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

thoughts of note

I was noticed the side bar on my blog goes back to 2008, the old blog i had goes back a little further, like maybe 2005, well i did remove a bunch of posts once, but never mind that.

I am fairly certain, that in like the first 3 days of my posting, abby, brandie, utegirl, and penny came to my blogs, wierdly they're still the only ones that come here :-D

Anyway, it seems my blog has a limited appeal, but nevermind that.

Anyway, here is a recap of a couple conversations i've had this week.

First one is between my daughter and I. A little set up is needed, she is sitting on the couch banging on a guitar singing abcdefg..... So i take it from her, becuase at the same time between rounds of abc, she is complaining it is too loud, which i agree with her on. Anyway, I take the guitar and she tells me to "wait your turn". Which i think is funny, but i let her sing another round of ABCDEFG... Then i take it again, this time, she gets up goes and gets a piece of paper and a crayon, hands them to me and says. "sit down, color and wait your turn, please."

So i go and sit down and all i can think is but it is my guitar.

Second one, I am at work and a co worker tells me, you're the funniest person here. Which normally, I think that would be a good thing, but this time, I looked around and i am in a room full of IRS agents, who are mostly CPAs as well, and this got me thinking, is that like being the fast athletic kid at band camp? I think it is exactly like that.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Just my thoughts

A while back a heard a radio interview with the dude that wrote the book Heroes for my son Actually dude's name is Brad Meltzer and after reading his book I sent him an email and dude responded personally. I like him lots, if you're into this type of book or just like novels check him out.

But that book got me thinking about making a simliar book for my daughter, not that I'll make and publish a book, my writing is less than worthy of publishing, and my list would likely be imcomplete at best. Which now that I think about it is a good thing. That sort of serves as a reminder that people, and a lot of people are heroes. I mean true heroes, not like singers, or athletes or actors, but people that change the world even if just a little bit.

People who have read this blog for a while may or may not remember that I put Dan Quiesenberry on my list. He was a major leauge baseball player who retired and published a book a poetry. Which is an odd sort of combination, but not why i put him on the list, that is solely becuase of an interview I saw with him, or maybe heard with him, when he knew he was dying from a brain tumor. He said when he first got it, he asked why me, then he reflected a while and asked why not me. That is a remarkable lesson to learn. I have sat alone in the dark crying for thinks before, some major some minor, some time it would help me to think in those terms. In fact if everyone thought that way we would all be better off.

It is kind of ironic, since I said not becuase they're athletes movies stars, but the other 2 people i want to add to the list are one of each. Those people are Buck O'neil and Elizabeth Taylor.

Buck O'Neil for those of you who do not know was a star of the Negro Baseball Leauges. In 2006 17 people associated with the league got into the hall of fame, Buck shamefully was left out. None of the newly inducted Hall of Fame members inducted were still alive in 1996. Buck O'Neil at age of 94 stepped up to the mike to give a sort of acceptance speach on their behalf. THe MP3 is linked on the wiki page, you should listen, it nearly made me weep the first time i heard, realizing this man had just been denied the honor he was accepting on behalf of his brothers & sister, one of the people inducted was a woman that owned part of a team. Anyway the class he showed here is what seperates him from most people. His athletic ability was notewrothy, his class is legdendary.

Lastly, I would like to add Elizabeth Taylor to the list, not for her movies, or her money, fame, tabloid tales, beauty, and also not for her advocacy for AIDS. Which is far more impressive than the other stuff. What I think she showed that makes her worthy of being called a her is her and this is going to sound odd for someone so often divorced, but it is her loyalty. Standing with Rock Hudson when he was dying from aids, took more courage, and loyalty then most people will ever have to show.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

bmi is why out of kilter.

I am not sure if that will work or not, never tried zoho sheets before, but they claim to give you the ability to imbed excel spreadsheets places without losing their functionallity.

Oh yea, and it is my bmi that is out of kilter

I could embed a vlookuptable with my results i don't want it to say something like he lumpy, step a way from the pc and exercise, this is not doing anything for your wieght.

BTW it says i weight 189 which would be okay if i were say 6'2". I but at 5'8" it just means i am more girthful than i would like to be. That translated into a BMI of 28.8, well according to the spreadsheet I build based on the formula in WIKI, which as you have probably gathered means, there could be input, formula, or public domain information erros, but on the plus side, I don't need a computer to tell me I am a husky kid these days.

I am going to go work out.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Well despite the title of this post it has nothing to do with singing or anything like that, IT has to do with a logitech remote control. Well not just one remote but the whole line. I saw a commercial the other day for the only remote you will ever need, blah blah blah. So i found myself near a bestbuy. I wonder into the bestbuy, sample the video games for a bit, then wander over to the remote controls section, and I found the logitech 1100. Which cost, wait before I mention what it cost, i shoudl warn you to sit down, unless your driving and surfing then just set your phone down this will wait.

Anyway, it cost 400 bucks. To be fair they had a whole line of remotes, some were much less, like the Harmony 300 which is about 37 bucks on Amazon, not cheap, but not insane either.

I got thinking what could possibly make a remote cost 400. Then I figured it out,I am guessing it is programmable so that my wife could tune it to me, next thing i know I'll be taking out the trash, do laundry, and dishes and stuff without being asked.

No sir, we're not getting a 400 remote control, i don't trust it.

Monday, February 7, 2011

super bowl ads

I was watching the super bowl and the thing i noticed most was this, there are a lot of different car companies advertising on the superbowl, chrysler, hundayi, bmw, audi, volkswagon.  those are the spots I can remember, I remember thinking the Eminem commericial did nothing for me.

However, after listen to the rush limbaugh show today, I have changed my mind.  Rush had some british ninny subing for him. This guy was trashing detroit for being a city that was the equivlent to european cities after WWII.  He said it lies in ruin and he was suprized they could find a theatre in Detroit that hadn't been looted.

Then it bagged on Chrysler for the ad that said something like this is the motor city this is how we do it, or something like that.  Dude on Rush was bagging on them for it.  I was thinking, sure detroit is in a down turn, sure it is having trouble but if the people that remain there, can't make a product and tout it as being from there, they should quit.

This was a good ad i think.  It shows acknoledged detroit has been through hard times, but rather then lie in ruin it claims to have made them stronger,  I like that message.  Also I get to ad someone to my list of the world would be a better place if this person got hit by a bus list.  If i could just remember his name.

Also I liked the Volkswagon ad best.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

My thoughts on the weekend.

The Steelers lost the superbowl, but they dominated everything but the score board so if you're favorite team is going to lose the championship game, it is good that they do so in a manner that makes you think, they have a grand chance to be back next year.

The weather is odd, but I like it.

I like the nook and kindle app for android.  I've read a couple books last month on my cell phone, during lunch break and in bed and such.  I think a nook might get added to my things to get list.

Although, I do not think I will get a nook soon as I am trying to reduce my debt burden, as I recently got a new job, and have received a fairly significant raise.  With that I am going to make my credit card debt go away, then my car debt, then my second mortgage, then my first mortgage, then my student loan debt.

I am watching the local news and a place not very far from my house is on the news for a shooting, that is scary. I hate the local news.  Actually I hate all the news, it seems the news is not news so much anymore.  If it ever was, it seems to have gotten worse.  But I can watch the local news and at the end of the 1/2 hour I am not certain I have learned anything that can be described as anything other than minutia.

I need to work out more.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

new post and about freaking time

It turns out I have been more than a little lackadaisical in my posting.  But that might stem from my not having anything to say.  I can't figure out why I have not been posting much other then I've tried not to make political or governmental comments now that I am a fed.  FYI flashing your badge is fun.  HEHE.

Anyway, not sure what this is going to be about but this is what has popped into my head just now.  Jacks of all trades are really guys that aren't good at anything.  This is sort of inspired by my job, it turns out as revenue agents, we are expected to know the accounting and tax laws for all industries which often pits us against people who specialize in the areas that have specialized accounting, i.e. banks, insurance companies, mining, oil and gas.  They have their own odd rules.

That reminds me, I am sorta a jack of all trades too, i need to get a hobby and develop it.  It s like the word ambidextrous.   Are there really people who are good with both hands or are they just equally bad at both.  Ambisinister.  That is a word a learned a while back and haven't had a reason to use but i like it. 

This year however, my goal is to pay off some credit card debt, maybe next year I'll develop a hobby, but for today I am going to focus on debt reduction.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

new years review

So i thought I would read my past new years blog posts and see how i did.  Well it turns out i am not a big believer in the resolution on your blog idea. As i didn't have any in 2010 and in 2009 my resolution was to have a more coherent blog.  Well, that is just madness, that is like the I don't know what that is like, but it is clearly madness.  It is like the madness folks having a house in the middle of the road, i never understood that, if the house was in the middle of the road, is it then not a road?

Anyway, All i want to do this year is, a. be a better dad, b. be a better husband, c. be a better me, and finally, get into better shape, if i can do all that it will have been a grand year.
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

I just hit tab and that link popped in there, that is unusally odd, Oh yea, I want to read more, last year I started out reading fairly well, but then got bogged down and never got back into it.   I am reading Sh*t my dad says now, it is funny, but i wouldn't reccomend it either.

The Steelers are in the playoffs again this is a good year already. 

I have a new job, I should make the goal of getting off probation by the end of the year, that would treat me well.  Actually, if i don't i will have been fired, so that is a good goal, Working for the government has a 1 year probationary period.

That is all i can think off.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

new years resolutions

I think i've done this a couple years here, I am going to go check before I finish this entry