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Friday, February 26, 2010

something isn't right

So teh past couple days the news and the radio stations have all been abuzz with news of the healthcare reform or the lack there of.  This just happened to happen the same day i got the tax information for a new client. Acutally 2 new clients, actually 3 new clients, a doctors office and the 2 doctors that own it.  This is not unusual becuase we have a lot of doctor's as clients, what is unusual is that these doctor's do not accept insurance.

They actually charge less for an office visit than most doctors out there, but they demand payment at time of service.  Which saves them a great deal of hassel and headache trying to get money from the insurance companies. 

Also based on the tax returns, these guy are not just scrapping by.  There doing quite well Thank you.

Anyway, just that that was an interesting coinkydink.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Some guys!!

Background story
We have a client that is doing well for herself. When I say well, she went part time last year and made about 450,000 significantly less than the 700k she was making the year before.

This lady's new husband, as they just got hitched a couple years ago, makes 80k or so. Which is good work if you can get it.

So here is my story
Anyway the single guy in the office next to me, was looking at their file and he said something like I coudln't marry someone who made more money than me. I wouldn't feel like a man if I were in that situation.

WTH is that?  Do guys think that way?  I don't I think this way, the wife and I are a financial team, it isn't my money and her money it is our money.   If she can make oodles that significantly increase the chances that I will one day have a mid life crisis and be able to get  a corvette or something along those lines.  If I was determined to make more than my wife, my mid life crisis reward would have to be going to blockbuster and renting a manly movie.

I mean seriously 80k is a good job, i think it is about double what that guy is making as a non graduate, non cpa entry lvl accountant.  (Altough I don't know this for sure).    So dude is basically saying the most he wants his family to make is 80k if him and his future (and emotionally needy wife) could make is double his income, which puts them at around what that guy is making without his wife's 450 large. 

Anyway, I was sorta put off by this comment this morning  I don't think most guys are that well neadertalish are they?  I suppose there is likely a significant proportion that are like that, but well, these guys are asses!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

things i should have known

I've been a parent a little less than a year now. This past year, I've had some lessons taught to me that I would have been happy not knowing. I know what it is like to be tired now. I mean my wife is much more likely to bear the brunt of my baby deciding that it is 12 am, entertain me. which wouldn't be all bad if she didn't demand encore preformances at 3 am.

I got an middle year infection. That dreadfully painfull, but I hadn't had one since I was little and it sucked, I am fairly certain that I got this one just as a helpfull reminder as how bad the suckage is. There is a better than slim chance my girl with get one some time and when she does, I think I'll be more understanding becuase of my bout.

The last few weeks, I have been having vivid nightmares. I think this is another lesson being taught to me. They can be down right terrifying in ways that are both unbelievably personal and unxplainable. So when she comes to me in a few year and says she has had a bad dream and she is scared, I will try to not just say, it was only a dream.

That is all i got. I didn't mean to sound so negative, I also get to love her, and that makes me smile! Although, I am worried her big brown, but daddy i need it, eyes are going to cost me some money!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Feb 15th

Today is 2/15 which means there is only 2 months of tax season left and one of them is freaky short as far as months go. That is unless you use a lunar calendar, then there are more with 28 days, but then I am not using one of those so never mind that.
The point is, it is Feb 15th and I am tired. Really really tired, so as a guy who has a baby that is nearly 1, and a wife that is more than understanding about tax season, I must take this time to marvel as single parents.

How the hell do they do it?

That being said, Why oh why didn't someone approach me in a mall, and say something like, you've got just the look for our new line of jeans. Thus launching a male modeling career that could only be rivaled by Hansel.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I am a dog or I am the greatest dad alive !

So we've been trying to teach our baby to sign. She does more, and waves bye and she does dog sometimes. She also says Da for me and DA for the dog. So this past weekend, I was making sure to empahsis the sign for dog, which at least according to our day care is slapping your upper thigh, kinda like you're trying to get the dog to come.

Anyway, yesterday, when I got home from work she was sitting in the middle of our living room, looks right at me and says DA and slaps her thigh. Which at first made me sad, I was thinking my daughter thinks that her dada is the same as her doggie.

But after some reflection it occurred to me, I have taught my 10 month old baby that men are DAWGS. I should get an award.

Monday, February 8, 2010


As it turns out I think I am a bit of a weirdo. A while back for about an afternoon, I thought of going to law school. At this time, I signed up for the LSAT. By time the LSAT rolled around, I had already decided this is not what I want to do but I wonder how I would do on the test.

For the first time in my life, I think a test beat me. I prepared for the exam had all my stratagies worked up and then sat down and wasted most of the time for the logic games section stuck on one problem, I should have skipped and went back, I know, but i was so close to the answer but just not seeing it.

Anyway, It has bothered me for years. The LSAT is the only test, that has happened to me with. This is the part that makes me odd. I want to retake is solely to prove to myself, (and the 3 and 1/2 people that read this) that I am not a logic games dolt.

Abby's posts are part of the reason why, but the real reason, is there is a knuckled head neandertal dude in the office next to mine, that thinks he is smarter than me becuase of his lsat score, which, in all honesty wasn't as high as my previous one, but he thinks i did poorly becuase I didn't apply to any law schools.

Anyway, That is all, I am sitting here in tax season thinking about taking the LSAT just becuase I need to do better.