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Thursday, April 30, 2009

swine flu

Know what i hate, is the news. I can't watch the news without hearing about the swine flu. As of today 1 person in the us has died of the swine flu. According to this article fro the WHO about 500,000 people die in mexico each year. And according to this site about 2.6 percent are from flu and pnemonia. I can't find a break out of that stat, but lets assume that of that 2.6% 1% is flu and 1.6 is pnemonia.

Meaning 1% of the mexican population's deaths are from the flu each each year, and that number is roughly 5,000. This AP time line has the number of deaths in mexico on 4/24 at 20 with 40 others being investigated. This Article has the number of deaths at 160. The second article has the of people hospitalized in mexico for teh flu at 2,498 but only 1,311 remain hospitalized.

In 2005 in the US Influenza/Pneumonia killed 63,001. I don't know why they group them together, but anyway. But since they do I would guess, that it is a fairly even distribution so lets say 40% of that was the flu, which is a complete guess but helps serve my purpose. The regular flu killed 25,200 people in 2005, or 69 people a day. So far the swine flu has killed 1 person.

On a side note, I am not taking my baby anywhere, casue I dont' want her getting either flu!!

Perhaps we should panic about the regular flu more.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Life's mysteries

I gots to thinking,

How come if all my baby eats is milk she poops bird seed?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

oh no

This monring starts out okay, i get up I take the dog out, I make breakfast, I have a shower, bursh my teeth, floss, that sorta thing, get dressed, and then I am looking at sleeping my wife and think, wow, she's hawt. Then i look at my baby and think, wow she looks like her mom.

This is the first time it has occured to me that marrying someone who is much hotter than you is going to present me with some parenting challenges that i am ilequiped to deal with.

Oh, well, on the plus side, I still have a super hot wife.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What is wrong with people

Here is my stories from the last couple weeks.

Story number 1,

This is a good story and doesn't really go with the title. I pulled into the diamond shamrock station to get my morning supply of diet soda, on my way to work a couple weeks ago. I get out of my car, and dude in the car next to me says, I hate to trouble you, but I have a job interview over on federal but don't have the gas to get there.

Dude was driving what looked like a 91, subaru and wearing what looked like his best attempt at business attire. So I say, sure pull up to the pump, and he say great thanks, I swipe my card and give him the pump and he says, how much should i put in? I say, fill it and good luck at the interview,I go into the gas station get my soda, come out and he had stopped at 7.50 and he thanks me and says that is more than enough. Thank you very much and drives off.

He could have been pulling my leg or not who knows.

Story 2

This girl comes up to me in the Wal-marts parking lot (little bit of a side note, refering to things like the wal-mart using the is a very south eastern utah thing to do) I didn't realize it until i started writing letters for my boss who would then go through them and cross out nearly every article I used, who knew) Anyway, This woman but I say woman I mean barely, maybe 20 maybe comes up to me crying and says, my baby's dad didn't pay child support and now i have to choose between rent and formula. So and she says, I need like 12 more dollars or something like that, so I say, lets go inside and get you some formula. Then she says, that is okay, I'll just take the money. I say, I will buy you some formula but I am not giving you cash, and she walks off.

Some people!

Monday, April 20, 2009

dog and babies

Beej and Abby asked how my dog was adjusting to the new and lower position on the totem pole, or in the pack or what ever you want to call it.

At first he didnt' like it, truth be told he still doesn't like it, although the recent april blizzard help his attitude a great deal, he just lay in the snow chewing on random sticks yanked out of the beaver dam. The dog is spoiled, it turns out when you have a beaver for a neighbor, you have an ample supply of free sticks cut to the perfect length to chew on.

Anyway, The dog was feeling a little bit sad about his new lower position, so I took him for a walk Friday. It was snowing somethign awful. Anyway, I sat him down in the park, or rather it went like this, we get to the community park for our development and I let him off the leash. So runs to the swollen creek, S i walk over there and he runs back to the park, so I walk over there and he runs back to the creek. This went on for about 40 mintues.

At which point I sat him down, or he sat down to pant and eat snow (he does that a lot). so i sit down next to him and straching his head explain to him, that he got a demotion in the pack order, but not to fret becuase so did I. He seemed to take heart in that everyone got demotions and got up to run some more.

Friday, April 17, 2009


So I had a baby back on 3/26.
I've been mucho busy o-ever since. This parenting stuff is seriously cutting into my blogging time.
That and it was tax season, but as tax season ended, I am again, back to blogging, only I think I'll be less rested for quite a while.