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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Holy Cow

Blogging consistently is hard.  You skip one day and then another, then you don't think about it for a few days then you realize it has been like 3 weeks.

but never-mind that.

So it turns out, DC is hot this winter so far has been nearly balmy.   It is weird.   The first year i moved out here, we got line 9 snow days, like 5 before Christmas.

So now it is just about Christmas,  I am kinda excited and kinda saddened by it.  My daughter is starting to figure out Santa isnt' real, but hasn't gotten there yet, she is super excited to have him bring her stuff.

It is likely the last time this going to happen, so it is bitter sweet. But well it is exciting.


Abby said...

Sometimes I get busy, and the blog slips for about a week. I'm not as easy to shut up apparently.
We were up front about Santa with our kids. Told them it was just a fun story for Christmas. I didn't want to face the day when they found out the truth, and then realized we were liars!

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